Working out what you need.

As a guide use our  handy calculator to estimate approximately how much  product to order. 

Length x Width x Depth 


Example: 3.0 x 2.0 x .100mm = .600m3 

Consider the following.

  • Allow 5% extra buffer for unforeseen site variances. 

  • Allow around 30% for compaction if required.

  • When ordering round to nearest half metre.

  • Use graph paper for hard to measure areas.

  • Ask our friendly staff to assist in working out what you need.

Handy hint. How many trailer loads to Cubic Metre

1 cubic metre = 1.5 Standard 6x4 trailer Loads

2 cubic metres = 3 Standard 6x4 trailer Loads

3 cubic metres = 4.5 Standard 6x4 trailer Loads 

4 cubic metres = 6 Standard 6x4 trailer Loads

Handy hint for mulching 

1 scoop at  50mm thick  = 6.7m2 

2 scoops at 50mm thick = 13.4m2 

3 scoops (1m3) at 50mm = 20m2 

Above guide only*