Pre-mix Concrete packs

Mazzegas Landscaping Solutions has a range of building products including cement and pre-mixed bags of concrete. We have an extensive distribution network and cover metropolitan and regional Perth so you can be sure to receive high-quality packaged building products delivered on time wherever you are.


Westbuild is a brand of conveniently packaged building products suitable for professional tradesmen, hobbyists and home improvement enthusiasts. These premix concrete and cement products are available in convenient 20kg packs. We can deliver large quantities for a construction project or just a few bags to cement in a new playground or carport posts.

What is the difference between the Westbuild traditional paper bag and the Westbuild rainproof bag?

This is a common question our customers ask. There is no difference except for the packaging material. The products are identical, same quality, same quantities and they are priced the same. The only difference is the actual packaging and we have listed a few advantages of the rainproof bag below 

  • Can be stored outdoors no tarp required

  • A patented seal means this bag is 100% Rainproof

  • Does not tear easily

  • Less dust residue on the bags

  • Recyclable

  • No product leakage – less waste

  • Cleaner to handle and transport

General Purpose Concrete.png

This premix of cement, sand and aggregate is ideal for small concrete jobs, for example, securing posts, stumps, footings, pathways and foundations.  A 20kg bag of WESTBUILD General Purpose Concrete makes approximately 0.01m3 of finished concrete. As a guide, you will need approximately 100 bags per m3. A conveniently packaged and manageable size for all your home DIY projects.

Ideal for general repair jobs around the home, garden or building site. Mortar is often used to laying bricks and blocks, retaining walls and garden walls. This product is also commonly used for securing barbecues, letterbox posts and paving. As a guide, one 20kg bag will lay approximately 20 standard bricks.

Grey Mortar.png
Kwik Set Cement.png

Kwikset is a ready to use concrete mix perfect for securing fencing posts and road signs basically any project where you are not relying on structural strength and you require a quick set time of under 15min.

  • Suited to setting most post types including steel and timber in fast-setting concrete.

  • Use whenever a ready-to-use concrete mix and rapid set time is required.


  • 1 x 20kg bag = 0.01m3 or 1 post

  • 50 x 20kg bags = 0.5m3

  • 100 x 20kg bags = 1.0m3

Top Tip- The hole should be twice as wide and deep as the post and always add water to the hole then add the Kwikset, not the other way around.

Cockburn Cement

Cockburn Cement is one of the major producers of cement in Australia. Cockburn is a trusted brand that has been used to build iconic roads, railways and bridges in Western Australia. Cockburn Cement is used across a range of industries such as mining, agriculture and construction. So, the next time you need a concrete product call Mazzegas Landscaping Solutions for your next delivery because we supply trusted brands with a solid reputation for quality products.

Cockburn Grey Cement.png

A general-purpose cement primarily used for Brickwork, Blockwork, Rendering and Concrete where a grey finish is required.

Cockburn GP Cream Cement.png

A general-purpose cement primarily used for Brickwork, Blockwork, Rendering and Concrete where a creme finish is required.

Cockburn Brickies lite.png

Used in M3 creme mortar applications

Cockburn Brickies Grey.png

Used in M3 grey mortar applications