Garden Soil Perth

Choosing a good soil can mean the difference between a thriving garden and plants that struggle to establish themselves. A great soil base is the foundation of any flourishing garden, it provides the main source of nutrients and minerals and creates an environment for optimal growth. There is no point in spending hundreds of dollars in plants and turf when the soil isn’t right, so this is a crucial step in your gardening program.

Different plants have different requirements to be able to grow happily, be resistant to environmental changes and remain healthy throughout the year.

Consider the below 2 questions when deciding on what soil to use.

  1. Are you planting exotic or indigenous?

  2. Are you planting decorative flower beds or vegetable beds?

What’s the difference between Garden soils and potting mixes?

Not all soils are the same, garden soil will not work in pots and potting soil will not work in your garden. Matching the right soil to what you are planting will be the secret to your success.


Potting mix is a sterile blend of materials like bark, vermiculite and compost intended for growing plants in containers, it does not contain soil. Garden soil is enriched with compost and other organic matter and provides vital nutrients for your plants. It doesn’t contain the expensive ingredients like vermiculite so ideal to used when planting new beds and top-dressing lawn.


Premium Landscape Mix - Lawn top Dressing mix

Our premium landscape mix is suitable for establishing new lawns, both roll-on or seed applications and can be used as a top-dressing soil for existing lawns to level uneven lawns.


This mixture of composted organics, sand and peat helps to stimulate new growth on new or existing lawns and is suitable for use on a majority of plants.


Product Benefits

  • Moister retention.

  • Can be used as a lawn fertiliser or a soil for all plants.

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Organic Veggie or Flower Mix

When planting edibles chose a complete nutrient-rich soil mix. Organic mixes use non-chemical fertilizers, which is better for your plants and the earth. This product is generally used on new or existing veggie gardens but can also be used for most plants including roses, camellias and azaleas.



Product Benefits

  • Moisture holding capabilities.

  • Provides plants with needed organic nutrients.

  • Promotes healthy root establishment and growth.

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What’s in this mix?

Poultry manure, gingin loam, quartz sand (minimal), peat and composted organics.

Top Tip - Due to the rich composition of this soil, we recommend young seedling and seeds be grown in a seed raising mix before being planted in our veggie mix.