Edge Your Gardens and Turf with Professional Landscaping Solutions

Garden Edging 

There is a wide variety of garden edging products that can be used to separate two areas in your garden. For example, garden edging can be used to separate your lawn edge and pavers, a driveway and flower beds or divide garden beds and walkways. Well-defined lines in a garden create a connection to each part of your garden, and to achieve neatly contained beds does not mean allot of work. With garden edging it’s easy to create crisp lines that reflect a level of landscaped sophistication.

Durable and Affordable Garden Edging

At Mazzegas Landscaping Solutions we are committed to supplying a range of gardening products to suit DIY enthusiasts and large landscaping companies. The more choices you have the greater your imagination and possibilities are to create beautiful garden spaces.

There are a few considerations to think about when choosing a suitable garden edging solution

  • Do you need garden edging that is straight and rigid or flexible to contour corners?

  • Do you want the edging to stand out as a feature or blend in and remain hidden?

  • Do you want to have this as a raised bed or be more functional for example to create a mowing edge?

  • Do you have a budget and how large an area you want to edge?

Garden Edging can be used as a

  • Lawn barrier

  • Separate mulch, gravels and wood chips

  • Creating feature beds above and below ground

  • Separating lawn areas from pathways or driveways

  • Tree rings

  • Keeping gravel, wood chips or mulch off paths

Straightcurve Gardening Edging


Straightcurves modern and flexible edging products are more affordable and DIY friendly than ever. Their innovative design means they can be flexed in any direction to create attractive flowing lines around your garden. The only thing to consider is the design and application when selecting garden edging products.  Superior garden edging from Straightcurve is one of the most versatile and easily installed garden edging products designed to create professional and manicured results

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Used to created structured lines the Ridgeline range is manufactured from durable galvanised steel or weathering steel. The Ridgeline garden bed edging option can be used as a divider to separate stone, turf or wood chips both above and below ground.

Planter boxes

The Straightcurve planter boxes are very popular with DIY gardeners and landscapers because they take minimal effort to install and create instant visual satisfaction.


Available in galvanised steel options, these planter boxes last and are ideal for various garden projects including

  • Garden beds

  • vegetable beds or enclosures

  • retaining walls

  • storage boxes

  • outdoor furniture bases